Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I store my body butter

The body butter is best stored at a cool temperature. Settling and/or melting may occur in warm weather, this however will not affect the beneficial properties of the body butter. 

 How should I use my body butter?

Apply a small amount of the body butter and gently massage into skin in a circular motion. Our body butter is extremely concentrated, containing no water or fillers, so a little goes a long way.

How do I store my body polish? 

Please keep the lid tightly sealed and the body polish away from water.

How should I use body polish?


Using a spoon or scoop, stir up the body polish and place into palm of hand. Apply and gently massage into wet skin in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly.

What is the shelf life of you products?

Our products have a shelf life between 12 months. However we do recommend you use within 6 months of purchase to ensure peak freshness.

How soon should I expect my order?

We hand-craft each item, so please allow up to one week for your item to ship.

Do you test on animals? 

No, just family and friends :)



 Do you ship internationally? 


Unfortunately, we don't currently have the option to ship internationally. However, we are constantly in the search for the best options for affordable international shipping.